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love your love / LIT HEART (2021)

love your love
is a loop
a phrase that suggests a loop
what loop?
a little loop
- “love your love: the action of loving your love with your love" -
but a particular one
it is like a chain reaction
the particularity that I find
and that it tries to encourage and convey
is that in loving your love
love gets bigger
as you love it
with your love
your loving grows
when you love it
and therefore
you can love it even more
i imagine it like an ever expanding upward spiral,
instead of a circle
it is a little practice
you have to try it
to feel it
to experience it
it's very simple
but to me it can show you what this collection of songs are pointing to
in loving each little moment of love you feel
you are, firstly
discovering love
acknowledging it
learning to feel it fully
without interruptions
because Love, like Life
are continuous
something not so easy to see in this world
that has been taladrated with logical thinking for as long as we can remember
and to intellectually accept
that the intellect is just a collection of thought streams
lead by notions of discontinuity
-making up most systems of the current world-
of love or hate
of 0s or 1s
of happy or sad
of being or not being
in other words, dualities
two options
and i'm glad to tell you
those things do not really exist
neither two options
they are just notions we superimpose
on the canvas of Life
serving some reason
maybe a good one,
maybe a not so good one
maybe nobody remembers what or why
for whatever reason
the problem is that we have long forgotten any reasonable reason
and we are all suffering the consequences of those causes,
forgetting that we not only come from Love
but we are a piece of Love ourselves
and when we find that an idea, a situation, or a piece of established cultural thinking
is not only not necessary
but also hurting ourselves
as species, as a planet, as a communities, as living beings
and we discover
that they are optional
and that we can see
and begin to awaken to what we didn’t
it is up to us what we do next
we can start to fix and improve things
that we thought were just like that, or broken
you begin to feel Life inside you
and all around you
and in feeling it you begin to find how Love is every second, and every breath and everything
and you begin to heal
when you can accept that you are alive
and that now it’s up to you
what to do
as it arises
love your love
Igna (12 de dicembre, 2021)

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love your love

already human, already (2018)

I've read that it is a blessing to be born as a human. Well, there were definitely times when I had doubts about this.
Sure, it's amazing to play around with my cats, swim in the sea and eat orange chocolate, but how about all the suffering? Is that part of the blessing?
I thought about it. A lot. And it never helped.
With time, I figured there are matters where my mind is more like an obstacle (thanks for all the useful jobs though, Mind!) rather than a help.
Down the road, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful teachers who taught me how to step into this other field, where there are no words, just simple understanding and being. I call it Love.
I still get clumsy when it comes to love, but whenever I manage to tune into its frequency, I no longer feel that lost and I see more beautiful things happening.
If it wasn't for Love, this album would not exist. And it was Love that made it possible for me to work on it with some of the most beautiful humans I know.
So thank you guys for bearing with me and thank you, Love, for letting me reach you!
Yes, the human experience can get strange and painful. But whatever we are going through, it's easier to realise how lucky we are with Love by our side.
This album is a piece of the love I've found in me.
Here you go, 🎈 stay around love - have it, spread it, generate it. 🙂 ⠀ ⠀⠀
Igna (september 21, 2018)

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