Hello! My name is Ignacio, I’m a musician and music producer from Río Negro, Argentina.
I started making music in high school forming some bands and playing drums, wherever and however I could.

In 2010 we started a band called hasdee, with which we have done a little bit of everything and through the years released 1 album (2012), 1 EP (2013) and 3 singles (2017), everything made with a lot of care, scaling from totally homemade to very much artisanal.
Looking at those numbers it seems that we are a slow band, and they might be right, but don’t be deceived by appearances, or numbers… or writings!
Between 2015 and 2017 we played a lot of gigs on the Buenos Aires and La Plata under music scene and worked intensely from my then little studio called Café África Estudio, releasing some singles.
In 2017, we won a contest organized by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina -called Vamos las Bandas- for best band from Río Negro, with the song Sol Arriba and after a summer tour around the Patagonia mountains, in early 2018, we decided to make an indeterminate pause.

In the meanwhiles, I have worked as a producer, recorder and mixer for various artists and composed music for some audiovisual projects and art installations.

Things of life took me to start recording the songs that I gather more seriously and that’s how in 2018 I released my first album as a solo artist, catapulting my career right up to this paragraphs.

In this website you will find my works, and hopefully a smile.
Thanks for the visit and good luck!

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