Lit Heart (2021 / SINGLE)

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quite a big part of my life
I was doubting myself
questioning, what am I doing wrong?

I was worried
dealt with all kinds of disrespect
until I felt the love

quite a big part of my life
I was carried away
wondering, what is it that is wrong?

I was spoiled
thinking maybe they know
something I don’t

until there are no words
(until I felt the love)
simple as the Sun

love your love
love your love
as it feels tonight
no worries at all

share the love as it feels tonight
don’t worry, there’s always light there
easy as you like
use your eyes

fill like love into love
where it’s just love itself
melt like ice into rain

share the love
no need to do much more
you know it’s love when you share
feel the love
come on

never let no someone blame your lit heart
when you trust you can love, that’s when love starts

everything said, everything done
every bit counts, so always do what it’s right

never meant to be watching life on a screen
never meant to be alone talking to a phone

shine your light then, shine your light now
shine your light and know it’s gonna be alright

don’t be afraid no, to speak your heart
it gets easy as you go through it, you just have to trust

and we are alive to live our lives
never listen to anybody telling other than that

and we are not alone when we join
we discover that all is all we are

already home, when we try
all we all want is some love
but love is all we are

remember there is no home
that you can buy

and your smile is shining
as the sky unclouds
yes, there’s joy pass the sorrow
if you hold to your lit heart

and the sun is smiling
into the world
from your heart
and you are here now

Ignacio Etchegaray

Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios

Gringo, Fran, Disco

© Ignacio Etchegaray 2021 ℗ IE MUSIC 2021