already human, already (2018 / ALBUM)

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digital download (flac 24bit and mp3 320kbps)

13 songs, 61 minutes 26 seconds
incl. artwork, 18 page high-resolution booklet (pdf)


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I’ve read that it is a blessing to be born as a human. ⠀⠀
Well, there were definitely times when I had doubts about this.
Sure, it’s amazing to play around with my cats, swim in the sea and eat orange chocolate, but how about all the suffering?
Is that part of the blessing?

I thought about it. A lot. And it never helped.
With time, I figured there are matters where my mind is more like an obstacle (thanks for all the useful jobs though, Mind!) rather than a help.
Down the road, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful teachers who thought me how to step into this other field, where there are no words, just simple understanding and being.
I call it Love.
I still get clumsy when it comes to love, but whenever I manage to tune into its frequency, I no longer feel that lost and I see more beautiful things happening.
If it wasn’t for Love, this album would not exist.
And it was Love that made it possible for me to work on it with some of the most beautiful humans I know.
So thank you guys for bearing with me and thank you, Love, for letting me reach you!

Yes, the human experience can get strange and painful. But whatever we are going through, it’s easier to realise how lucky we are with Love by our side.
This album is a piece of the love I’ve found in me.

Here you go, ???? stay around love – have it, spread it, generate it. ???? ⠀ ⠀⠀